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About MYHockey Tournaments

It is our goal at MYHockey Tournaments to provide the most rewarding tournament experience possible. We offer multiple playing dates for all classifications in attractive locations, to bring the best matched competition together, while not forgetting that the ultimate goal is fun. Tournament sites and team hotels are chosen to enhance your team's performance on the ice and to provide a wealth of off-ice opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment. Our staff is committed to providing all tournament guests with excellent customer service prior to and during each of our events.

Key Personnel

Jon Oppenheimer - President

Jon runs MYHockey Tournaments. He oversees all aspects of the business and has direct responsibility for maintaining our hotel relationships.

Neil Lodin - VP of Operations

Neil started MYHockey Rankings in 2003 and was a founding member of MYHockey Tournaments. Neil is a Minnesota native who moved to Indiana and saw the struggles that small market hockey teams have in finding competitive games and thus developed a system to help teams nationwide assess and locate competitive opponents. He is responsible for assessing teams and setting up our tournaments. Additionally, he oversees our use of Technology.

Chris Field - Director of Tournament Operations

Chris Field has been organizing tournaments since 2004 and was a founding member of MYHockey Tournaments. Chris is a Michigan native who played baseball at LSU and is a former golf pro. He is the main contact for teams playing in the following locations: .

Rich Hansen - Regional Account Manager - Midwest

Rich Hansen has been a part of MYHockey Tournaments since 2013. Rich loves his craft beer and would accurately be described as a foodie. He is the main contact for teams playing in the following locations: Appleton, Chicago, Detroit, Holland, Madison & St Louis.

Matt Mons - Regional Account Manager - Southeast

Matt joined the team in 2021. Matt grew up in the Ottawa Valley (Ontario) and graduated from Wilfred Laurier University after playing five years of Junior A hockey in Ontario. He's a former hockey director and arena general manager. He is our main contact for teams playing in the following locations: Charleston, Charlotte, Hampton Roads, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay & Washington.

Anthony Booth - Regional Account Manager - West

Anthony joined the team in 2023. Anthony grew up playing hockey in Chicago and now resides in Dallas. He is currently the contact for the follow locations: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Provo & Salt Lake City.

Amy O'Neal - Director of Hotel Accommodations

Amy has been with MYHockey Tournaments since 2012. Her primary responsibility is providing customer service for our guests regarding their hotel accommodations.

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